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Sep 10, 2018

As the summer comes to a close, we are going back to our childhood summers. Hot nights of playing manhunt, riding our bikes, going on adventures, and trying to figure out which of our neighbors is a serial killer. (it was totally the Johansson's down at the cul de sac) 

Bringing the feeling home was the fantastic movie Summer of '84, which, takes us back to the 80's. Behind the tagline "Every serial killer is somebody's neighbor", the movie is suspenseful, funny, scary and serious and is a joy to watch. (rent it at the link below!)

Segment Times:

11:38 Snap Decisions (Disclaimer - Barf Warning)
14:35 Summer of '84
56:34 Interview with Kirwin
59:50 The Question: Best fictitious serial killers?

1:42:30 The Give Me Five Question

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Segment Times

Lost Boys. All Lost Boys 00:00 - 1hr 15min
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Opening / Closing Theme

Loved to Death

Thank you to Kalax for the use of their song "Take Me Back" off of their album Metroplis. When asked if we can use their music they responded with "Use the s#!t out of it"

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