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Jan 20, 2023

In an early episode we spoke at length about bad video game movie adaptations. (Mario Bros anyone?) but The Last of us has hit HBO plus with a huge amount of  critical fanfare and excellent buzz. 

Jack Ryan season 3 also was released a few weeks ago and we continue to marvel at John Krasinski's take on the...

Jan 13, 2023

Due to our Top 5's of 2022 Episode last week, we are catching up this week with an all-review episode! No frills. No top 5. No extended Rob rants about things he hates. (ok maybe a few of those)

This week we cover The Pale Blue Eye a fictional mystery movie starring Christian Bale as a detective solving crimes with...

Jan 6, 2023

2022 was yet another crazy year! Join us as we list our favorites in the world of entertainment media from the past year. Greg, Omar and Rob give our favorites and we are joined by frequent collaborator, beloved patron and potential phantom pooper, Alec.

This year we give you our choices for top five...