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Aug 13, 2022

The graphic novel / story that couldn't be filmed was finally filmed and released on Netflix. Did The Sandman capture the magic of the source material? How well did the cast embody the Endless? Should Death get her own series (yes, please) 

Rob checked out the fun, action packed Bullet Train, starring Brad Pitt and we all went a few hundred years in the past to spend time with Commanche nation and watched them wreck a Predator in Hulu's Prey.  I know they were fierce warriors, but this particular Predator had to be a trainee right? Maybe the "slow" Predator the other ones didn't want to deal with?

Its a good thing this week had so much good entertainment, because we also had to mourne the lack of Jif Extra crunchy peanut butter and the loss of Choco Tacos.

The question of the week is what are the best personifications / representations of death in media?

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