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Jan 28, 2022

The show has been on for 9 years and we haven't chatted about it yet. I'm talking about The Blacklist, and how it can advance despite some huge changes. 

Rob read a fantasy trilogy, he lets us know about the War of the Archons, a fantasy series putting common men against gods.

And while we usually don't review too many...

Jan 21, 2022

This week we have a guest host sitting in for Omar. Yes, its our very own American Treasure, Scott!

We review the brash DC spin-off The Peacemaker. Does James Gunn bring the fire and obscure music again OR is it a cynical rehash? 

Scream is out (technically Scream 4) and we get a fairly spoilerific review from Scott and...

Jan 14, 2022

Very weird episode tonight as there have been quite a few celebrity deaths (Betty White, Sidney Poitier, Bob Saget, Ronnie Spector) and a few of them MAY be linked to one of our hosts. 

While sorting that out, we chat about Book of Boba Fett and Sing 2. Boba Fett is a bit controversial online with people critiquing its...

Jan 7, 2022

We close out every year with lists of the top 5 best (and worst) pop culture / media of that year. It is a great way to remember the year that was, and to prepare for the year that will be. 

This year we cover:

Top 5 Books

  • Top 5 Albums
  • Top 5 TV
  • Top 5 Streaming
  • Top 5 Give Me five Episode Titles
  • Best Kids Movies
  • Top 5...