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Aug 7, 2020

In honor of this week's episode (144 Side B) where we review No Hold's Barred, we reached out to a friend of the show, CJ O'Doyle. He is an independent wrestler that has wrestled in NXT, TNA, Puerto Rico, & all across Europe. He holds various Championships. Competes for Fest Wrestling, WWN's ACW & FIP, ARW, PPW and many others. Also, he happens to be Greg's neighbor which means Greg ALWAYS cleans up after his dog. 

Despite being known as the All Around Jerk, he was kind enough to spend some time with us talking about is experiences in the ring. It was an extraordinarily interesting conversation that covered, how he got into wrestling, his wrestling favorites, training, feuds, good guys, bad guys, intergender wrestling and a very famous weapon that he uh.. sat on. If you don't know what I'm talking about, listen to the interview, if you do, well, then you already know. 

CJ was also not too thrilled with Jimmy's absence and MAY have challenged Jimmy to a title match when things get settled down out there. We're pulling for a piranha match!

If you are interested in CJ's work you can check out his social media here:

Instagram: @LionheartCJ39
Twitter: @CJOdoyle

And his store: