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Jun 22, 2018

You want diversity? How about Incredibles 2 and Slayer in the same episode. Does Incredibles 2 live up to the original and the 14 year wait? Did Greg have culture shock watching Slayer and Lamb of God then waking up the next morning to see Incredibles? Jimmy checked out Oceans 8 and gave it a date night thumbs up. Rob snuck a review of Hotel Artemis and gave it a "wait for Netflix".

We also got a brief rundown of E3 as only we can do. (poorly). And chatted about the continuing saga of Moviepass!

Our question of the week is:

What are your favorite superhero movies and TV shows that didn't originate in the comics?

Segment Times

Oceans 8 - 23:34
Surprise Hotel Artemis Review from Rob - 30:16
Slayer - 35:31
Surprise Game! Slayer lyric or Bible Verse - 44:42
E3 - 49:27
Incredibles - 58:36
The Question - 1:15:21

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