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Apr 23, 2018

While there are far more qualified people out there to chat about wrestling, the Andre the Giant Documentary on HBO convinced us to look back at some of our favorite wrestlers from the 1980's and 1990's. While not a pure wrestling conversation, we did get to chat about the amazing life and sad death of Andre the Giant. 

Somehow we are more qualified to talk about The Walking Dead season 8 and the season 8 finale, even though we are not zombies and would probably not fair very well in a zombie apocalypse. 

We also touched on Aliens, The Rock n Roll Hall of fame and the 1000th issue of Action Comics (Superman)

Also, we are big liars, we got so involved with chatting about other stuff, that we had to bump our conversation about Netflix's The Titan. Maybe next time. 

Then of course the question of the week which is "Who are the 5 most influential wrestlers of all time?"

Segment times:

Andre The Giant Documentary: 27:31
The Walking Dead Season 8 and finale: 44:04
The Question: 1:05:25

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