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Mar 20, 2018

Games were on our mind this week. Between Greg's visit to the Silverball Pinball Museum, Rob checking out Monster Hunter World, or Jimmy re-visiting Game Night we all had something to say. We also checked out the "scariest Netflix's movie ever", Veronica (it isn't the scariest ever, but it is good) It also featured a Ouija board keeping with our theme. For a little change of pace we checked out the horror-in-the-ancient-woods movie The Ritual too.

What are your 5 favorite game night games?


22:25 Veronica

41:03 Ritual

59:57 Silverball Pinball Museum

1:09:03 Monster Hunter World 

1:16:18 The Question

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Opening theme

Special thanks to The Midnight for the use of their song Crystaline from the album Nocturnal. Available here on Bandcamp.