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Aug 5, 2019

 We have a very special guest this week, Synthwave artist / human  F-14 Tomcat, Moondragon joins us to review his 80's movie of the week, 1981's The Final Countdown. A tale of a modern day aircraft carrier breaching a rift in time and ending up at Pearl Harbor right before the Japanese attack. Sounds badass right? It isn't.

Ww also interview Moondragon about his music, F-1 racers, soundtracks, video games and his path into the Synthwave genre (and if he even likes that term) Stay tuned after the show to hear the title cut off his new album Oceana

We don't stay in the 80's. Greg reviews the "Tarantino Charles Manson flick" Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood. How did Tarantino manage to build a story adjacent to the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders and was it respectful to the victims.

Rob gives a Floridian review to the alligator horror film Crawl, and of course we have some weird Florida news for you. 

Then this week's question:

What are the best military themed movies from the 80's?

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