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Aug 27, 2018

One of the most indelible images from The Lost Boys was the muscular saxophone guy performing at the beach party at the beginning of the film. Well, his name is Tim Cappello, and he is way more than just that few seconds of glorious screen-time. 

He toured with Billy Crystal, Peter Gabriel, Eric Carmen and Tina Turner. He has contributed to songs that everyone knows. He has been in music videos, movies, tv. Recently he even released his first solo album "Blood on the Reed". And most importantly, he is a really nice, humble guy. 

So check out our interview with Tim Cappello about all things Lost Boys, Tina Turner and more. 

For the Give Me Five question Tim Cappello (and to a lesser extent us) reveal our favorite sax fueled songs. 

Time Stamps:

1:42:30 The Give Me Five Question

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Segment Times

Lost Boys. All Lost Boys 00:00 - 1hr 15min
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Opening / Closing Theme

Loved to Death

Thank you to Dance With the Dead for the use of their song "Salem" off of their new album Loved to Death. When asked if we can use their music they responded with "Use the s#!t out of it"

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