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Dec 4, 2017

Jimmy is back and angrier than ever that Frozen shorts and Walking Dead spinoffs exist. This week we take on the stunning Pixar film Coco, the not-as-violent-as-one-would-expect Punisher on Netflix, a cavalcade of nerds catching digital monsters with the Pokemon global challenge, an undersold-as-to-how-funny-it-is movie What We Do In The Shadows, and an aptly named movie Creep 2.  

Coming out of our Punisher love, the Give Me Five Question of the week is: What are your top 5 favorite vigilante movies / tv shows?

Let us know yours at or at our Facebook Page : 


18:10 What We Do in the Shadows
27:00 Coco
45:50 Pokemon Global Catch Event
54:56 Creep 2
59:58 The Punisher
1:10:30 The five best vigilante shows/movies?

Opening theme

Special thanks to The Midnight for the use of their song Vampires (instrumental version) 

Their albums can be purchased here: The Midnight on Bandcamp