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Dec 13, 2019

It is December, Friday the 13th (the second Friday the 13th of 2019) and we have a special surprise for you guys. 

About 2 years ago, Never Hike Alone, a Friday the 13th fan film caught buzz around the horror community before exploding onto youtube for well over 1 million views. This labor of love brought Jason into the modern age without losing the key elements that made the character great.

After a succesful (and surprising) release, DiSanti is working on a crowdfunded follow up Never Hike In The Snow, and popped by the show to talk about the films, Jason, and filmmaking in general. 

We also invited another special guest attorney Alec Solomita to pop by to explain the legal wranglings behind Friday the 13th in general and why we are seeing so many 80's remakes and reboots these days.

This week our question to our guests is: 

Alec - what are you favorite movies that not a lot of people have seen?

Vincente - Favorite Friday the 13th kills?

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Segment Times

14:51: Weird Shit in Florida
19:24: Interview with Alec Solomita
27:24: Movies that you introduce to other people with Alec Solomita
30:14: Interview with Vin Disanti
1:36:34: Vin DiSanti's top five Friday the 13th kills

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