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Oct 15, 2019

We started the Give Me Five Podcast to give visibility to the things we love. Sometimes we cover mainstream movies, tv, streaming and sometimes we cover people with huge talent that should be mainstream.

Every so often we run into people with so much talent, we know that we have to feature them on an episode. Matt and Eryn O'Ree are 2 members of the Matt O'Ree band out of New Jersey. They play blues and rock music and recently released 2 brand new singles "Without You" and “Through Time With You”. They have also recorded / toured / written with Bruce Springsteen, Billy Corgan, Bon Jovi, and John Ginty.

They recently spoke with us and talked about their musical history, how they met and the other musicians they have played with.

For more about the Matt O'Ree band check out:

Matt O'Ree Band