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May 14, 2019

The battle to end all battles is here. Daenerys' forces are amassing at King's Landing. Dany has taken a few losses over this season, but will she win the one thing she feels is owed to her. Will her dragon survive the scorpion lined walls of King's landing? Will all these losses drive her mad like her father? Who will win, lose, survive, face their demons or succumb to them. Will the Clegane Bowl happen? Will Jamie go back to Cersei to embrace her or kill her? So many questions are answered over the course of the 1hr 20 min episode, and one giant question is left to answer. Who will sit on the Iron Throne? (if it is still there)

Join us as we break down all of the twists and turns. 

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Music: Game of Thrones Hip-Hop Remix by Dominik Omega

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Episode also features a small clip of The Man Comes Around, by Johnny Cash from the album American IV