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Format Change!

Jul 23, 2020

Hey there listeners! We are introducing a brand new format / schedule to the show. From here on out, we will be releasing 2 episodes a week.

An episode reviewing current releases (movies, streaming, books, music etc) will be released every Thursday morning. This will be our slightly more casual Side A episode!

And then our Give Me Five Nostalgia movie of the week will be released with our usual schedule on the following Monday. This episode will have our Give Me Five Question of the week as well. 

Why? We found that with our current release schedule it was difficult to cover upcoming events and things that people might want to watch over the weekend. Also, some people love the new stuff, and some people like the nostalgia, so there is now a little bit of each thing for everyone, and hopefully you guys will stick around for both!

Thanks for listening! 

-The Give Me Five Guys