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May 14, 2018

Every summer (and late spring) the movie studios roll out the blockbuster films. Huge films with big names and bigger special F/X hit the theaters each week. So which films will be the biggest hits? Which ones looks good / bad / entertaining / silly? The Give Me Five Podcast exhaustively broke down almost all of the summer releases and gave our opinions. From Jurassic World to Skyscraper to Antman and the Wasp, we checked out trailers, news articles, interviews and Rob even contacted some shady guy that said he's Tom Cruise's 3rd cousin. (apparently Mission Impossible Fallout has aliens)

Then of course the questions of the week: 

1. Biggest hit of summer? (movie that makes the most related to budget)

2. Biggest bomb of summer? (movie that makes the least depending on budget)

3. Biggest surprise of summer? (movie not expected to do well, but does)

4. Stand-out performance of summer? (actor / actress that transcends the summer movies)

5. Best film of summer from a critical standpoint?


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