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Apr 2, 2018

Welcome to the Weird West! Terror awaits in the desolate dusty land that called to intrepid pioneers in search of gold.

Sounds pretty intense, right? Well I just wanted to write a description worthy of the excellent guest we had this week, C.S. Humble, the author of The Massacre at Yellow Hill. The interview was so engaging we scuttled our plans to review Pacific Rim and the new GosT album. We also reviewed the novel as well 

Give it a listen and check out:

Publisher Site: Black Rose Writing

Buy the book: Amazon

Then of course the question of the week:

What are the 5 best western horror stories?

 14:20 The Massacre at Yellow Hill
25:49 Interview with C.S. Humble
1:30:24 Question

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Opening theme

Special thanks to The Midnight for the use of their song Crystaline from the album Nocturnal. Available here on Bandcamp.