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Feb 8, 2018

Children of the eighties remember rushing home to catch GI Joe cartoons on TV. Seeing the toys that they played with brought to life was magical and of course the commercials revealed more figures and vehicles to collect. In the eighties there were Star Wars kids, He-Man kids, Transformer kids and of course GI Joe kids. We were the latter. 

The Netflix documentary series “The Toys That Made Us” brought back great memories of Sky Strikers, Night Ravens, hovercrafts and mute ninjas. And the Give Me Five guys wanted to reminisce about their favorite action figures. 

Rather than just talk about what toys we had, we enlisted Kirk Bozigian, the former product manager for the GI Joe line at Hasbro from 1982 - 1994, and the basis for the Law action figure. 

We chatted with Kirk about his time at Hasbro, his experience with the GI Joe line, and his disdain for the Star Wars toys of the 70’s and 80’s. He even graciously shared stories about the figures and how GI Joe rose to the top. 

He also joined us for the question(s),

What are your 5 favorite GI Joe figures? 


What are your five favorite GI Joe vehicles?

We learned a ton about our favorite toys, and remember knowing is half the battle!

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