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Nov 13, 2017

After a week off Rob, Jimmy and Greg are back with a huge show. Join us as we chat about Thor: Ragnarok, The Walking Dead, 1922, Stranger Things 2, Lady Mechanika and Spooky Empire. Also, laugh at Jimmy when he coins a new term "butt gusting?

Our Question this week is now that you have finished Stranger Things 2, where can you go to get that same nostalgic feeling?

Segment times:

Thor 18:45
Lady Mechanika: Clockwork Assassin 40:05
The Walking Dead on AMC 44:40
1922 52:50
Stranger Things 57:30
The Question. Where to go after Stranger Things 2? 1:18:15

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Opening theme

Special thanks to The Midnight for the use of their song Vampires (instrumental version) 

Their albums can be purchased here: The Midnight on Bandcamp