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Oct 16, 2017

The Give Me Five guys clearly angered a gypsy, because after Rob's car accident last week, Greg decided to fall down some broken stairs. Broken ass aside, the guys chat about Shadows of War (the new Shadows of Mordor game), Lets Play 2 (the Pearl Jam / Cubs movie), a great experience making life castings for special FX make up at Reynolds Advanced Materials, the Netflix Exclusive Gerald's Game and a bunch of other stuff.

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11:51 Reynolds Advanced Materials
18:33 Let’s Play Two
25:54 Shadows of Mordor
32:48 Gerald’s Game
41:12 Bladerunner 2049
50:10 The Question What the 5 best horror video games?

Opening theme

Special thanks to The Midnight for the use of their song Vampires (instrumental version) 

Their albums can be purchased here: The Midnight on Bandcamp