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Aug 12, 2019

We planned on talking about a fairly offensive show (The Boys) without or most offensive host (Rob) but things didn't turn out that way. Rob returned early from the cast preview of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios Orlando, and we let him join the show. Well, provided that he spoke about his time at the park. 

As for topics? We've got a new Tool track (Fear Innoculum), the aforementioned The Boys, and even a fun little game called Pokemon or Prescription Medicine. Having trouble sleeping? Try Snorlax!

Continuing our 80's summer movie extravaganza we feature Mark Harmon's Summer School. A movie that reminds us that teacher student relations were a bit different in the pre-internet days. 

And of course our question of the week: Who are the 5 best foreign exchange student characters in film and tv?

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Segment Times   

Game - Pokemon or Medicine: 20:15
Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy first impressions: 26:05
The Boys: 36:49
Summer School: 52:27
The Question: 1:16:38 
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Opening Theme


DJ Ten - Trinity

Opening theme: GLOW by DJ Ten (feat LeBrock and ULTRABOSS )

Snap Decisions theme: Skin by DJ Ten (feat Mecha Malko)
All artists available on Bandcamp

Shredder 1984

Rant Theme - Samurai Cyberpunk by Shredder 1984 
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