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Mar 26, 2019


Last year, a ton of anthology series came out. (so many that we did an entire anthology episode) When we heard about Love Death and Robots, the new animated anthology series we were skeptical. It turns out that this was one of the best of the bunch, with 18 innovative, fun, beautiful and badass short films.

We also take a look at the film about the insane Black metal scene in Norway and the church burnings, suicide and murder that it brought, Wonder Park. (kidding, that was Lords of Chaos)

But we did watch Wonder Park as well, and there was a little bit of disconnect between the trailer and the film.

we also discuss the big news about the Disney acquisition of all the Fox properties. What does that mean for the media landscape?

And our question of the week:

What are the 5 best short films in Love Death and Robots?

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Segment Times  

Snap Decisions: 13:20
Lords of Chaos: 19:14
Wonder Park: 36:12
Love, Death and Robots: 40:52
Top Five Episodes from Love, Death and Robots: 1:10:48
Rob’s Rant: 18:40 
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Opening Theme

Loved to Death

Thank you to Dance With the Dead for the use of their song "Salem" off of their new album Loved to Death. Available on Bandcamp


DJ Ten - Trinity
Snap Decisions theme: Skin by DJ Ten (feat Mecha Malko)
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