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Mar 11, 2019

We took a week off and a ton of stuff happened. So heres a quick list of some of the things we might have talked about:

  • The deaths of Luke Perry, Kieth Flint from Prodigy, King Kong Bundy 
  • Star Wars Galaxy's Edge News (the new Disney Star Wars area)
  • How can I prepare a sample for spectral analysis of environmental genotoxicity assessment?
  • How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World
  • Why Pixar hates you and wants you to cry
  • Kingdom
  • Larry Charles Dangerous World of Comedy
  • The Wreck it Ralph Void VR experience
  • Eating an entire onion raw
  • How to field strip a deer using a coat hanger
  • Best eclair recipes
  • Trolls on Captain Marvel's review page

Maybe not all of those things, but we did get a bit depressing at points, so we apologize. 


And our question of the week:

What are the 5 most depressing animated films?

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Segment Times 

Kingdom: 29:20
How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World: 37:40
Larry Charles’s Dangerous World of Comedy: 46:07
Wreck it Ralph Wrecks VR - VR Experience at the Void: 57:37
The Question: 1:03:18
The Rant: 1:14:41
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Opening Theme

Loved to Death

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