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Aug 22, 2018

A little over a year ago, 3 guys launched a podcast. 100's of reviews, 1,000's of mispronunciations, and many poorly conceived lists later, we have reached a milestone. Episode 50. 

To celebrate episode 50 we are covering a movie we loved in the 80's. The Lost Boys. We chat about the movie and bring up as many facts as we can find. Then join us for Side B as we interview the Sexy Sax man himself, Tim (Timmy) Cappello

For the Give Me Five question you'll have to listen to side B as Tim Cappello reveals his favorite sax feuled songs. 

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Segment Times

Lost Boys. All Lost Boys 00:00 - 1hr 15min
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Opening Theme

Loved to Death

Thank you to Dance With the Dead for the use of their song "Salem" off of their new album Loved to Death. Available on Bandcamp

Closing theme

Special thanks to The Midnight for the use of their song Crystaline from the album Nocturnal. Available here on Bandcamp.

DJ Ten - Trinity
Snap Decisions theme: Skin by DJ Ten (feat Mecha Malko)
Available on Bandcamp