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Nov 14, 2018

After a planned week off, we are back with a huge variety of topics. Rob tries to explain to Greg why all the game nerds are all raging against Blizzard and Diablo, Jimmy checked out Spooky Empire, Greg was impressed by the huge changes on The Walking Dead, and Jimmy was too busy playing Red Dead Redemption to pay attention to anything else. Also Rob binged The Chilling Tales of Sabrina, and Greg and Jimmy checked out the sound quality on the ...and Justice for All Remaster album by Metallica. Busy week. Oh, and Rob got a puppy and you can hear it squeaking on a chew toy throughout the episode. 

This week there are 2 questions:

For Rob, in honor of his first offensive Instagram post, what are the 5 things Rob is NOT allowed to post on Instagram?

and for Greg and Jimmy, the resident metalheads, what are our 5 favorite Metallica songs?

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Segment Times

Snap Decisions: 10:12
Spooky Empire: 26:40
Chilling Tales of Sabrina: 34:48
Red Dead Redemption 2: 43:19
Walking Dead: Rick’s Final Episode? 56:14
Metallica -…and Justice For All (Remaster) 1:08:14
Question 1: Top Five Things Rob Should Not Post in Instagram: 1:24:05
Question 2: Top Five Metallica Songs: 1:27:46 
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Opening Theme

Loved to Death

Thank you to Dance With the Dead for the use of their song "Salem" off of their new album Loved to Death. Available on Bandcamp

Closing theme

DJ Ten - Trinity
Snap Decisions theme: Skin by DJ Ten (feat Mecha Malko)
Available on Bandcamp