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Jul 31, 2018

We were definitely NOT at San Diego Comic Con, which means we are definitely the people to be reviewing the trailers, news and announcements that happened there. From the return of Buffy and Clone Wars, to impressive trailers for Shazaam, Aquaman and Glass to the less impressive Godzilla and Titans? we cover the things we want to see and talk about in the future. We also found Stan Versus Evil which is Rob's new favorite show that he hasn't watched yet. 

For the Give Me Five question, we teamed up to answer, what are the 5 things announced at Comic Con that we are most excited about?

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Segment Times

34:21 The Midnight - Lost Boy
41:03 Gunship - Dark All Day
52:02 Kings of the Wyld
59:38 Exploitation Horror
1:10:00 The Question

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