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Nov 25, 2019

Author, philosopher, gentleman CS Humble is back with us this week, and he has brought to our attention a film about mastering one's universe, and... wait.. Master's of the Universe?! The crappy Dolph Lundgren bomb from the 80's? Jimmy! Who invited this guy?!

Seriously though, the conversation with CS is fun and we cover his writing process, his new anthology book, and of course the previously mentioned crappy movie.

We also talk a bit about Motley Crue making a return to the road (surprise, not), Disney+ first impressions and other entertainment news. 

This week our question is: What are 5 movies that completely disregarded the source material?

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Segment Times

09:12: Interview with CS Humble
54:20: Masters of the Universe
1:43:49: The Question

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