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Nov 18, 2019

Gene Simmons.... Tom Selleck.... Robot Spiders.... it's the Runaway, a movie from the past about the future that really isn't the future. But features shiny clothes, giant monitors and oddly accurate tech. 

We also take a look at The Mandalorian. Is this live-action Star Wars TV show worth the hype? Is Disney+ worth the hype? 

Jimmy checked out The Lighthouse, a moody, paranoid horror film from Robert Eggers

It's also been a great music month with new stuff from one of our favorite bands C2 and the Brothers Reed. 

This week we mustache... you a question.... What are the 5 best mustaches in pop culture?

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Segment Times

Snap Decisions: 12:50
Human Filth Alert: 18:40
The Lighthouse: 24:41
C2 and the Brothers Reed: 36:08
The Mandalorian: 40:13
Runaway: 58:10
The Question: 1:26:50
Rob's Rant: 1:36:31

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Opening Theme

DJ Ten - Trinity

Opening theme: GLOW by DJ Ten (feat LeBrock and ULTRABOSS )

Snap Decisions theme: Skin by DJ Ten (feat Mecha Malko)
All artists available on Bandcamp


Shredder 1984

Rant Theme - Samurai Cyberpunk by Shredder 1984 
Available on Bandcamp