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Sep 30, 2019

Rob fondly remembers something from his childhood, and for once it's not the redhead babysitter that gave him a bath when he was 7. It was a fun Halloween made for TV movie calls The Midnight Hour, starring LeVar Burton, Shari Belafonte, Peter DeLuise, Dick Van Patten and a bunch of other people you probably remember. In this film a town is curse with a large variety of monsters and theres even a tragic ghost wandering around. 

We would also be remiss if we didn't mention American Horror Story: 1984 which, like us, is straight out of the 80's. 

And because I'm obsessed with cooking shows, Good Eats: The Return gets a quick review as well. 

You might realize that we didn't mention Jimmy, he was away this week, and was replaced by Greg doing a terrible inaccurate impression of him. 

And of course our question of the week: What are the top 5 made for TV movies?

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