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Apr 1, 2019

One of our hosts knows waaaaaaay too much about Motley Crue, so we cover The Dirt (Netflix exclusive film) and not much else. How much of the crazy debauchery actually happened and how are the boys from the Crue still alive? Did these guys have sex with every woman in America between 1981 and 1989? (even your mom) What was it like growing up as a fan of the band, but not a fan of how the members acted?

Growing up in the 80's was interesting, but everything seemed like it was a myth due to the lack of cameras everywhere and the internet to share things. The Dirt exposes all of it.

Speaking of exposed! We also decide to try out the ever trendy Florida Man Challenge. Who gets the weirdest story?

You guys get 2 questions this week:

1. What are the 5 biggest instances of Rock N Roll debauchery?

2. What bands do you not understand why everyone loves?

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Segment Times  

The Give Me Podcast does the Florida Man Challenge: 15:21
Listener mail: 21:05
The Dirt: 22:09
The Question:
- Part 1 - Five Tales of Rock n’Roll debauchery: 1:00:07
- Part 2 - Five Bands that you just don’t get (but everyone else seems to love): 1:11:42
- Part 3 - Bands that every one hates, but you like (We’ll revisit this in a later episode): 1:21:29
Greg’s Rant: 1:23:20
Hidden Track: 1:31:50
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Opening Theme

Loved to Death

Opening Music: Live Wire - Motley Crue
Closing Music: Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue
Both found on The Dirt Soundtrack

DJ Ten - Trinity
Snap Decisions theme: Skin by DJ Ten (feat Mecha Malko)
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